Opigno LMS User manual

Managing periodic re-certification

Opigno makes possible to manage re-certification that can be required in such compliance procedures. This makes possible to automatically expire the results of trainings on a regular basis, and have the users go through the training again in order to keep their certification valid.


Configure the training for re-certification

In order to enable re-certification feature for a training, you will have to edit the training and check the option “Automatically expire results for periodic re-certification”. You will then have to select the time period after which the results will expire.


Impact for users

The impact for users will be that they will see the validity date of their certification on the training homepage.


And the same on “Training progress” page.


In case they re-take the training after their certification, and successfully finish it, the validity date will be pushed accordingly.

After the defined re-certification period has passed, and if the user did not re-do the training, the certification will expire and the user will loose the “Passed” status. This is how it will be displayed on the training homepage:

Notification message

The users will receive a notification email 7 days before the expiration date of their certification.

The content of this email is manageable by administrators by clicking in the admin menu on “Overall settings”):



and then editing the default message at the bottom of the interface that appears:



Customize certificates with validity date

In case of expiring certifications you may want to mention in the PDF certificates that users can download the validity date of the certification. In this case you can use the following token: [group:expiration_date]



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