Opigno LMS User manual

Live meetings

Live meetings (or virtual classrooms) are organized by a teacher, and are fully integrated in Opigno for an optimal user experience.

They can be mandatory steps of a training, the teacher can set in Opigno the attendance of each participant and give them a grade. In case you did not attended a mandatory live meeting, you won't be able to successfully pass the training.

In case a new live meeting has been created with you as a participant, you will see a notification on the top right bar in the header:

By clicking on the pictogram above, a box opens and displays the upcoming live meetings.

You can click on one of them to join the live meeting. In case the live meeting hasn't still started (only the teacher can start the live meeting) you will see a message like below:

You will also receive a notification email when the live meeting is created, and another email 24 hours before. These emails will contain ical file that you can just click to add the event into your local calendar (for example Outlook).

In case of upcoming live meeting, you will also see a banner at the top of the training interface, reminding that upcoming session.

You can simply click on the link in that banner to join the live meeting.

The window is perfectly integrated within the Opigno interface. The teacher can share his screen, or some presentations. You can use the chat on the right side in case you want to ask questions (click on the discussion button before), or you can directly speak to ask your question.

At the end of the live meeting, you can click on the "Back to training homepage" at the bottom right side to go back to the training's homepage.

Live meetings are fully integrated in the learning path, and they appear one the training's main page as a step like modules.

They are also added to your Opigno calendar. You can click on the live meeting's link in the calendar to join that meeting.

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