Skills statistics

In case you defined some statistics in your Opigno platform, some statistics will be generated by Opigno in order to offer some visibility regarding these skills.

Every user will see in his user profile some statistics presenting in a graphical way their progress within every skills tree associated to their trainings

Under that tree, they can see the list of associated skills with:

  • the score, that is the average score they got for all the activities associated to that skill
  • the progress: it is initially 0%, then it is calculated a the number of levels of that skill that the user finished divided by the total number of available levels. For example if the skill has 2 levels, the user will get 50% progress after finishing the first level, and 100% progress after finishing the second level.
  • the level, that is the highest level reached by the user for that skill

Some statistics are also available for administrators in statistics interface, presenting the average score and progress for all the users: