Opigno LMS User manual

Skills management

Opigno makes possible to manage learners' skills.

Skills are managed with a taxonomy, and can be associated to the activities.

Opigno will issue for every user some statistics per skills, and will also make possible to associate target skills to the modules, with a feature of automatic selection of the most relevant activities to display to the users taking the module, according to their existing skills and answers. This makes possible to have adaptive learning, and enhance the efficiency of learning.

The management of available skills on your Opigno platform can be done by visiting in the administration menu the "Manage skills" link:

Skills are implemented with a Drupal taxonomy. You can manage hierarchies (pre-requisite skills) and then define several skill trees.

To add a new skill, just click on the "Add term" on top of the interface.

You can manage existing skills by clicking on the pictogram on its right ("Operations"), and you can move it in the hierarchy with drag and dop.

The skill trees will display in a graphical way for the users, in their user profile.

When creating/editing a skill, you will be able to define the following information:

  • Name: the name of the skill
  • Minimum score: this is the minimum score to be reached by the user so that the skill will be considered as earned by this user
  • Minimum count of answers: this is the number (let's name it 'x') of activities to consider in order to calculate the minimum score (average score calculated on the x last activities associated to the skill)
  • Choose count of skill levels: you can define here some levels for each skill (for example beginner, intermediate, expert) ; you can also manage the name of these levels

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