Gamification and badges

Badges can be added to modules and courses (see Global architecture for more details about the content's hierarchy in Opigno).

Once earned by the users, they will be displayed in their User profile.

To add a badge, you will have to edit the module (see Create a module or Edit or remove steps) or the course (see Create a course or Edit or remove steps).

First, visit the "Badge settings" tab at the bottom of the edition interface:

and check the option "Activate badge system for this module" (or similar for the course).

You will then have to enter:

  • a name
  • a badge description
  • a badge criteria, to define if user will earn that badge when "Finished" (ie when they reach the end of the module or the course, whatever their score) or when "Success" (ie if their score for the module is higher than the minimum required, or the score for each module of the course is higher than the minimum values required)
  • a badge image (that will be displayed on user profiles): you can learn more about media management here