Opigno LMS User manual

Moxo (previously Moxtra) Subscription

Opigno offers a nice collaborative solution, allowing to integrate live meetings in your trainings.

This features requires a subscription, that can be managed from the Administration menu by clicking on "Live meeting settings" under "global settings" part:


In order to enable this feature your will have to contact Moxtra support in order to get some credentials, that you will enter on this interface:


After saving your credentials, you will have a "Register all" button that appears, allowing to provision all your current users on Moxtra servers. This is just needed to provision the existing users created before you enabled collaborative features, all the users created afterwards will be automatically provisioned.


Note: this service requires to pay an additional subscription. Only the users allowed to create and start live meetings pay for this subscription. The student users joining a live meeting don't have to pay any subscription.

You can select which users will be authorized to create and start live meetings (and for which you will have to pay a license) by granting a specific "Live meeting manager" role to these users (see more about role here) from the user management interface


You can also remove that role to some users to be able to reassign it to other ones.


Note: if you remove that role in the middle of a month to assign it to another user, it will count as 2 users in the invoicing.


Restoring a database dump of Opigno into another instance

In case you are restoring a database dump of your Opigno instance into another Opigno instance, you will need to regenerate the user IDs used for Moxtra so that your 2 Opigno instances aren't conflicting.
For this you will have to run this Drush command:

drush sqlq "DELETE from key_value where collection='opigno_moxtra';"

Then save again the Moxtra settings in Opigno, and click on "Register all".


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