Opigno LMS User manual

Multilingual configuration

Drupal 9 has a strong out of the box functionality for making your platform multilingual.
For using multilingual functionality in Opigno LMS follow these steps:

  1. Enable required extensions (modules):
    • In extensions list find and enable these modules: Language, Interface Translation, Content Translation, Configuration Translation;
    • Or if you use Drush just execute a command in project root directory: drush en locale language content_translation config_translation;

  2. Add languages that you want to use. You can do it here: /admin/config/regional/language.

There is three kind of information that you can translate:

  • User interface: this is about the strings and messages that are displayed in the user interfaces
  • Configuration: this is about the different entities and their fields
  • Content: this is the contents that you created on your Opigno platform

Translating user interface

Go to /admin/config/regional/translate. You will find here a list with all translated and untranslated strings. You can filter the strings for your language and make a translation.

Translating Configuration

  1. Go to /admin/config/regional/config-translation. You will find here a list of entities which have fields for translation.
  2. For translation (for example, Activity fields) just proceed as below:

                First step:        

                Second second:

Translating Content

  1. Enable content for translation (go to /admin/config/regional/content-language).
  2. You can find an action for translation in each content list separately:

    • For Groups (/admin/group)

    • For Modules (/admin/structure/opigno_module)

    • For Activities (/admin/structure/opigno_activity)

  3. When you click on Translate you will find something like that:

There are some specifics for H5P activity translation.

  • In H5P editor for each H5P content you can find this option (on the screenshot below) and make translation if available:

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