Opigno LMS User manual

Installation without Composer

Integration with a Learning Record Store and installation of commerce features can only be done using Composer

We cover here the installation of Opigno LMS as a Drupal distribution (ie as a standalone platform). The use case of installation Opigno as separate modules on top of an existing Drupal website is not covered in this documentation.

The installation of Opigno LMS is very similar to the installation of a Drupal website. Here are the main steps:

  1. download Opigno LMS from our website: https://www.opigno.org/en/download
    1. Slide activity type requires pdf.js library. It is not included to the distribution so you need to download it from here and place in libraries/ folder.
      The path to the library should look like

  2. extract the files on your web server (we advise creating a virtualhost)

  3. create a database with related credentials

  4. visit in a web browser the URL associated with the virtualhost

  5. follow the steps of the install process

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