Opigno LMS User manual

Upgrade to the 3.0.2 release.

The steps to update to the drupal.org version.

  1. Upgrade a repository list of the root composer.json.

    1. Since an alpha2 version of the h5p module was released, the h5p-3150110.git fork should be removed from the root composer. Pay attention that "drupal/h5p" module should be removed from exclude section as well.


    2. The version of mozilla/pdf.js module should be changed from "dev-master" to v2.4.456.


  2. We recommended using the composer2 version, in this case, please validate that allow-plugins are up to date or this section should be updated during composer install.


  3. The requirement to "drupal/private_message" module was added to the opigno_lms profile, so if your project has no specific requirement the requirements can be removed from the root composer.json.


  4. Run composer update opigno/opigno_lms -W and validate that the opigno_lms version has been updated:


NOTE: if you project doesn’t have the repository customisations you can replace the repository section (see new repository list https://bitbucket.org/opigno/opigno-composer/src/3.0.2/composer.json)

Know issue:

  1. Question: Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.
    Answer: The repository list must be updated to the latest version required by 3.0.2.

  2. Question: The drupal/private_message has modified files:
    Answer: Select a Discard changes option, the private_message will be updated to the 2.0.0-beta18.


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