Setup your Opigno instance for the mobile app

An Opigno mobile application is available for iOS and Android, offering some features specific for mobile devices, like offline navigation for some contents or push notifications.

In order to be able to connect the mobile application to your Opigno platform, here are the steps to follow on the server where your Opigno instance is hosted: 

  1. Install required modules with Composer:

    composer require drupal/jwt drupal/restui
  2. Enable module "Opigno Mobile App":

    drush en opigno_mobile_app
  3. Configure "JWT" settings (you need to create a key and add JWT configuration - how to do it you can find here)

Push notifications

If you want to use push notifications on your mobile app, then follow the next steps:

  1. Enable module "Opigno One Signal"

    drush en opigno_onesignal
  2. Go to One signal and create applications with push notification credentials. NOTE: If you want to use different platforms (Web, iOS, Android) you need to create an application for each of these platforms;
  3. Download One signal web SDK and put them to your root folder (in the same level as the file "index.php" exists). NOTE: This is required only if you want to use push notifications for Web platform;
  4. Add these credentials here - admin/config/services/onesignal