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  • External package: this makes possible to load a package created externally: SCORM (1.2 or 2004), TinCan, or H5P

  • File upload: quiz question letting the user load a file (for example an assignment), that will require manual scoring by the teacher (see more at Manual scoring of activities

  • Long answer: quiz question letting the user answer with a long text

  • Slide: theory slide

  • Video: a video that can be either external (Youtube for example) or internally hosted on the server

  • H5P Column: a content type allowing to have several contents (with other types) vertically displayed, one under the other

  • H5P Course Presentation: a theory content type very well fitted for presentation, with an several slides in it. 

  • H5P PPT(X) Course Presentation: a content types that allows to load a Powerpoint presentation and have it displayed within a H5P Course Presentation content type (note: slides will be converted into images). To be enabled, some server prerequisites need to be set, you can learn more at Prerequisites.

  • H5P Drag and Drop: quiz question consisting in drag and drop

  • H5P Drag Text: quiz question consisting in drag and drop of text

  • H5P Essay: quiz question consisting in writing an essay

  • H5P Fill in the Blanks: quiz question consisting in filling blank spaces within a text

  • H5P Flashcards: interactive content consisting in flashcards

  • H5P Image Hotspots: interactive content consisting in clicking on some hotspots on images

  • H5P Image Juxtaposition: interactive content allowing to have 2 images one under the other, with a slider allowing to switch from one image to the other one (useful for comparison, for example between one picture "before" and one picture "after")

  • H5P Interactive Video: interactive content allowing to select a video (either external or internal) and add some interactions on top of it (text, quizzes)

  • H5P Multiple Choice: quiz question consisting in multiple choice question

  • H5P Question Set: interactive content allowing to group several questions displayed in sequence

  • H5P Questionnaire: interactive content allowing to build questionnaires

  • H5P Timeline: interactive content allowing to build timelines

  • H5P True/False Question: quiz question consisting in true/false question